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Two Defendants Convicted For Conspiring To Traffic More Than $100 Million Worth Of Cocaine In Culmination Of Joint Undercover Operation In Republic Of Liberia, CHIGBO PETER UMEH and KONSTANTIN YAROSHENKO, participants in an international narcotics trafficking ring, were convicted today in Manhattan federal court of conspiring to import cocaine into the United States.

UMEH, who is from Nigeria, was a broker who assisted various international narcotics suppliers in shipping numeroustons of cocaine from South America to West Africa, from where the cocaine was transported to Europe or elsewhere within Africa.

YAROSHENKO, who is from Russia, was an aircraft pilot and aviation transport expert who transported thousand-kilogramquantities of cocaine throughout South America, Africa, and Europe.Yaroshenko was offered $4.5 million for trafficking the cocaine from Venezuela to Liberia and another $1.8 million for trafficking drugs to Nigeria and then to Ghana. From Ghana, part of the drugs were to be 
transferred to the United States. 

Yaroshenko was arrested together with Chigbo Peter Umeh in Liberia in May 2010. They were soon extradited to the United States. Umeh was sentenced to 30 years in prison on July 28, while Yaroshenko was given 20 years behind bars.

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