Visit The Gambia

Gambia has a land area of 11, 295 sq km, with a population of 1.5 million. The Gambia has been a holiday destination since the mid 1960s and enjoys a sub-tropical climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons.

Visitors get a chance to enjoy adventuring off the beaten track and explore thebeautiful up river Gambia by boat and by road. Relax on a tropical river island and see hippos and Monkeys. Discover a wide range of varieties of birds and also Meet the people and appreciate the rich culture of the smiling coast.

Juffureh is a famous attraction site. The setting for Alex Haley’s novel Roots, Juffureh is a traditional village, an easy trip from Banjul. It gives visitors an African background and discovery of their roots. At nearby Fort Albreda and Fort James, visitors can see many reminders of colonial history.

Tendaba Camp, 100 miles up-river from Banjul, was the country’s first inland hotel, constructed to replicate an African village with traditional huts. The camp is a good starting point for daytrips by boat and for bird-watching.

Another attraction site is the River Gambia National Park about 100 miles east of the Atlantic coast, the vegetation changes from swamps to thick forests, and many islands appear in the river. Five of these form a park known for its chimpanzee-rehabilitation project.

Other exciting activities are Camel rides at Tanji, visits to Abuko Reserve and other nature reserves, lots of places to eat & drink and you can also enjoy fishing and more.

There are four main resort areas in what is referred to as the Tourism Development Area – the palm-fringed coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There are modern hotels of all classes as well as small but comfortable motels and guest houses. Outside this area, there are exotic camps mainly situated on the banks of the beautiful River Gambia.

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Like other African countries, The Gambia has a variety of traditional musical instruments and the most famous of them is the Kora – a 21-string harp. Music is an important part of the lives of the people.

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