Tourism & Travel in The Gambia

Responsible tourism policy for Gambia
The Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Gambian Tourism Authority and the Tourism and Travel Association worked together to form what is referred to as ‘the responsible tourism policy for Gambia’. Its main objective is to increase the contribution of tourism to the economy and to raise the living standards of Gambians by maximising the positive impacts of tourism and minimising the negative ones.
Eco-tourism an emerging trend
Eco-tourism is an important and rapidly growing niche within the travel and tourism industry. Gambia is in a great position to capitalise on this, but recognises the need to develop a sustainable eco-tourism programme since the country has only a few national parks and wildlife reserves that lack accessibility and comfort for tourists. Therefore, in addition to regulating its development and ensuring that real benefits are felt in local communities, it is also aiming at minimising future environmental impact.

Bright outlook for tourism in Gambia

The travel and tourism industry in Gambia has a very bright future, particularly considering the active role being played by the government to grow and diversify the market. The present initiatives that have been introduced by the Gambian Tourism Authority and the Tourism and Travel Association will have a significant positive impact on the industry and domestic economy over the mid to long term. It is also expected that as the tourism industry diversifies, Gambia will become a place to visit all year round.

Our members are involved in Gambian restaurants, tours, excursions, eco-tourism, car rentals, and shops within the vibrant Gambia Tourism Industry.
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