Sa Hel Invest Management International

Who We Are

Sa Hel Invest Management International (SIMI) is a consulting and financial management firm with a focus on consulting, investment and financial management services.
Our mission at SIMI is to help our clients develop strong and sustainable strategies for their projects and programmes.
What We Do
Our experienced team can help with many aspects of consulting, investment and financial management services.
From economics and business management, enterprise development, agricultural and socio-economic development, financial management, investment and export promotion and management, agricultural engineering, and institutional aspects of energy and water resources, funding research and overall program management.

We work with a variety of clients and have a proven track record of satisfying customers in the private and public sector, as well as international development partners and financial institutions. .
For more information about how SIMI can help your project become a reality, please contact us.
+220-497 856/951
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