Gambia attends Miss ECOWAS Peace Pageant

The Gambia otherwise called the smiling coast of Africa has never been left out in the world of fashion, beauty and creativity.

The country over the years participated and continue to participate in series of fashion and beauty  related competitions at both local and  International level.The country is blessed with beautiful, intelligent, smart  and creative young girls, who from the inception of fashion and beauty competitions  continues  to grab  awards and other crowns which  earned them titles of  beauty queens thus the glory added to the good name of The Gambia as a nation.

 Fatoumata Koroma, a graduate of Ndow’s Coprehensive School and Mary A.A.Camphell,a fourth year Medical student at the University of The Gambia (UTG),who doubled as the 2009 crowned  Miss  UTG beauty queen were  selected to represent The Gambia at the forth coming Miss ECOWAS peace pageant scheduled to take place on the 14th of November 2009 in the Nigerian City  of Port Harcourt.

The November 4th beauty  pageant is more than a mere beauty competition but to serve  as an avenue for intelligence and creative exhibition for the selected participants who will be competing to become the peace  ambasssadors of ECOWAS and other paece loving stakeholders both  within and out side of Africa. This year’s event  is the  second edition oragnised by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in the said River state of Nigeria. 

The coveted Miss ECOWAS beauty pageant as it has  always been  the case with other  beauty pageants  aimed among other things towards promoting and strengthening  the ideals of peace and the pace of development within the subregion of west Africa and beyond. The theme of this year’s event is “
Peace and Development in Diversity“. As the theme suggested, participants will be require to present peaceful  messages that befitted  the objectives of the programme.The venue has been choosen due to  the relative and steady peace enjoyed in that state of Nigeria thus set  it as an example for states  to emulate.

A total of thirty (30) contestants two (2) drawn from  each of the   fifteen (15) member states of ECOWAS are expected to participate in the beauty and creative competition. Contestants are expected to participate  in series of activities marking the programme such as exhibition  of fashion and styles tenable at their country level. They will also  participate in swimsuit competition, exhibition  of elegance in their  evening gowns among others.The eagle eye  panel of judges for this  event will look for nothing else  in the participants  beyond  beauty,  intelligence, personal  charm  and approachability.
The team panel of judges  would also  consider confidence,  self assured and  the ability to have  a sense of self  control  in a wide variety of settings. The  lucky winner of this historic subregional beauty  competition  will be decorated ECOWAS peace Ambassador and would stand to  sign series of contracts with the Subregional body as well as other stakeholders interested in  promoting peace and development in ECOWAS  member states and beyond.

The Gambia’s participation to the ECOWAS  peace pageant is coordinated by the famous Gomez Promotions  in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment,the ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as a  strong support from the Office of the president. The invitation for The Gambia’s participation came through the Ministry of Trade,Industry and Employment to the  Gomez promotions. The two Gambian contestants described by many as  intelligent, beautiful and  little creative  queens  are expected to  leave the Gambia on the 28th of October to Ghana for a short and precise stay.

From there they would be travelling to the    Nigerian River state  of Port Harcourt on the 30th of October for two weeks prior to the day of the contest schedule for the 14th  of November 2009. George Gomez, Coordinator of the Gomez promotions, in a chat with the Arts and Culture  anchorman  in his GNOC office along the Bertiling High way, spoke extensively about the prospect of the Gambian delegates to win the competition. “I have no doubt that our delegation to the ECOWAS  beauty  competition will emerge winners.They got all what a beauty contestants need. They have the comportment, intelligence and creativity  as well as the command of the language.Our delegation is second to none”,George Gomez explained in an excited spirit filled with love for beauty and creativity.

The famous Gomez promotion boss,as part of efforts meant to put his points across with clear cut precision made  extensive reference to success stories registered by Gambians in the world of beauty and fashion industry. He recalled the first ECOWAS beauty competition held in The Gambia in 1999 and won by a Gambian lady in the name of  Amie faye as a success story and the first  Peace Message beauty competition organised by ECOWAS last year in the Nigerian River State of Port Harcourt, where the Gambia representative in the name of Amie Ceesay won the best peace message.

Mr Gomez further recalled numerous beauty competitions held in The Gambia and  organised by different organisations and institutions such as the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC),the Gomez promotion among other things is  geared towards promoting and sustaining  the spirit of beauty and fashion industry in the country. He revealed plans to organise what he called the Miss Hotleg UK scheduled to take place in December 2009 to be followed by the first ever Miss world Hotleg,where competent Gambians can participate.

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