Zebra Cyber Cafe

Thank you for visiting Zebra Cyber Cafe. We are a family run business and we have learned a great deal about being an entrepreneurs and running a small business in The Gambia. When the Internet began here in 1998, there was only one cyber cafe, today, there are several Internet cafes and hot spots all over The Gambia and the demand for public Internet access keeps growing geometrically. 

As one would except, Internet cafes come in all shapes and sizes: some have many computers, others just one; some offer a full menu and some no food or beverages at all; and some provide a large variety of printing and peripheral services, whilst others do not. So what makes CYBERCAFE different? Well, we put a big emphasis on service. Right from the beginning, we believed that technology is only as good as the people supporting it. And for public Internet access in The Gambia this means providing a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you with most questions. In addition, we designed Zebra Cyber Cafe to be very comforting. This is achieved in a variety of ways including our range of workstations, the soothing light panel walls, and selection of additional services like colour printing, scanning and webcams. At Zebra Cyber Cafe, you can check your email and listen to the latest news online. 

Our family business have always believed that the combination of a unique, relaxing atmosphere and superb service is essential to the growth of public Internet facilities. Since our launch of Zebra Net we have had so much fun and I hope you will enjoy the Zebra Cyber Cafe experience as much as we do. 
Thank you again! Fonyaato!
Zebra Internet Cafe Team

Zebra Internet Cafe
Your Gambia Internet Connection For
Printing! Copying! Scanning!
Browsing! Web Design! Skype! Chat!
Facebook! Myspace!
Open 9am-Midnight 
7 Days a Week!


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