Gaya Cafe Art Review

The art scene in The Gambia is vibrant, colourful and always fascinating, there is a wide pool of artists representing different disciplines, here are a taste of Gambia’s creative talent.


A Gambian painter working with plastic art, oil and canvas.
Original Gambian batik and tie dye work by one of the leading proponents of this African craft.

Enjoys depicting his surroundings with elements important to his culture such as cowry shells, sand, and pigments that he creates from tree bark and plants.
Paintings, sculptures and art made in Gambia by Pepe Gomà. Son of Torrelameu. 

Momodou describes his artwork as an exploration of images that inculcate a system of values that are consistent with his culture and heritage. His objective is to take the viewer on a spiritrual odyssey that suggests unseen dimensions.
A locally based artist living in Bakau.
Fine dining whenever you want to eat out in Senegambia.
A unique Gambia restaurant for both Gambian and global cuisine.
Come and enjoy our restaurant in The Gambia!
Directions Bertil Harding Highway, next to Senegambia Craft Market
220 4464022
220 6664022

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