Senegal Adventure

Seven or eight day trip

We start around 09:00 on our tour of DAKAR the Capital of Senegal with over 2 Million inhabitants. This was established in 1857 and is the oldest European style City in West Africa. We visit Independence Square, pass by the Presidential Palace, The National Assembly. The Cathedral, Grand Mosque, Museum and several markets including Karmel Market famous for its women flower sellers.

We continue to ILE DE GOREE first settled by European merchant adventurers in the fifteenth century. We take the 20-minute ferry ride and after lunch we take the time to visit the main parts of the island, which was the center of the slave trade from this part of West Africa for 300 years. We take in the well-preserved Traders‘ House, where the “Door of No Return” shows us where the hapless Africans left their beloved continent for an uncertain and unknown future. The church of St Charles de Boramee, The Museum and other interesting places of this UNESCO World Heritage site are also included. The visit, although left largely to the individual’s imagination, is a mournful and humbling experience. We return to Dakar for Dinner and overnight. (100km)

After breakfast we head north to the main northern town of Senegal and the former Capital city of Senegal. Lunch is taken in the city and the afternoon tour covers yet another World Heritage Site. Dinner and overnight in St Louis. (278km)

We head south to the Holy City of TOUBA where the seat of the Muslim Brotherhood called “The Mourides” is situated. The most beautiful mosque in all West Africa, built over the tomb of the founder of Mouridism is generally accepted as the largest and one of the finest in West Africa. It is the most important religious Shrine in Senegal. We continue further to Kaolack, the administrative capital of the Saloum Region of Senegal. Dinner and overnight in Kaolack. (313 km)

After breakfast we take the opportunity for a trip around the town of Kaolack by horse and cart, the age-old means of transport in this part of Africa. We take an early lunch and continue West towards the Sine Saloum National Park. After checking in at the comfortable hotel built on the edge of the park we take a 3-4 hours trip by boat to SIPO ISLAND to experience the everyday life of a fishing village, Wildlife and birds are all around, but as with all things of nature, we will need to be quick to spot them. We may even have the opportunity to spot the elusive Manatee, that is reputed to inhabit this area. Dinner and overnight at the Saloum Hotel. (40 km)

Today we start early and take a pirogue (West African rivercraft) ride through the waterways along the western side of the National Park. The fantastic birdlife of the Delta being all around. Lunch is followed by an afternoon of relaxation at our overnight Hotel on the northern side.

We continue north and take the ferry at Foundiangne to the Pink Lake (Lac Rose), which has a high salt content. Here we take lunch and a 4x 4 excursion, when it is possible to see the village women working at the extraction of the salt. Dinner and overnight is in the SALY PORTUGAL area. (150 km)

After a relaxing morning and lunch at the Hotel we make our way north to our DAKAR Hotel. Dinner will be at a typical Senegalese Restaurant for the last night. (100 km)

Optional (can be added to the tour when original Day 4 becomes Day 9) – only available November – June due to Niokolokoba Wildlife Park Closure.


We head towards NIOKOLOKOBA WILDLIFE PARK, and with breakfast on the way, stopping at one or two Mandinka villages, we arrive at Hotel Simenti, within the park itself, in time for a late lunch when some of the exotic birdlife can be experienced from the terrace overlooking the bend of the RIVER GAMBIA where the animals come to drink at dawn and dusk.

Our first Park safari starts around 4 pm when we further discover the “Nature of the Park”. Niokolokoba does not teem with the variety of wildlife found in East Africa but Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Jackals, Antelopes, Hippos, Crocodiles, Waterbuck, Monkeys, Baboons, Chimpanzees, and many other Mammals, Animals, Snakes, Lizards etc are to be found in this 800,000 hectare Wildlife Park.

300 – 350 different species of Birds can be found with 120 species being seen in one day. We take our time with stops as necessary and spend 2 – 3 hours to obtain the maximum benefit. Dinner and overnight is at Simenti Hotel inside the Park. (408 km)

A very early breakfast allows us to join our second safari this time at dawn, in a different area of the park to allow sightings of as many varieties of animals and birds as possible. We return to the hotel in time for an early lunch after which we head east along the edge of NIOKOLOKOBA PARK on our way to KEDOUGOU a town in the remote South East extremity of Senegal close to the borders with Mali and Guinea Conakry which is infrequently visited by tourists. This is the BASSARI country and is the least known part of Senegal, ethnically diverse and very different from the surrounding areas.

The ancient BASSARI people, whose origins are lost in the mists of time and who live in hill villages around the FOUTA DJALON mountains, have resisted the Islamic and Christian religions that have attempted to convert them over the centuries. The main occupations are agriculture and hunting, with the odd gold panning thrown in for good measure. The BASSARI and BIDEK people are a race apart from their neighbours and whose lifestyle has not changed in literally thousands of years. They live to exist, but are some of the happiest and hospitable people that you may meet. Our overnight is in a simple African style hotel on the bank of the River Gambia. (150 km)

We spend the full day exploring this area in 4WD vehicles and visiting a couple of the remote hill villages, where we may be very fortunate enough to witness an unexpected ancient ceremony. Overnight again at Kedougou. (100km)

We regretfully leave this fascinating area and retrace our steps along the edge of NIOKOLOKOBA PARK, where we may be fortunate enough to see some of the many varied animals. Stopping on the way for our picnic lunch we pass through TAMBAKOUNDA and take the Gambian road to the Administrative Regional Capital of JANJANGBUREH stopping at various points of interest on the way. From the South Bank of the River we travel by ferry to JANJANGBUREH ISLAND and to our overnight camp, which is basic but comfortable and beautifully situated on the River bank. (290 km)

At breakfast we are joined on many occasions by monkeys, which always provide a very interesting and exciting start to day. However care should be taken if you decide to feed them. NEVER use the hand. We now head west using the laterite bush roads along the South and North Banks of the River Gambia, passing through several villages on the way, many of which do not see the passing of many tourists. Picnic lunch is taken en route. In the late afternoon we reach the Gambia/Senegal border and after the formalities, we continue into SENEGAL for the overnigt stop at the basic but clean and comfortable air conditioned African Style Hotel of RELAIS DE KAOLACK situated in the capital of the region. Dinner and overnight is at the hotel with possibly some Senegalese Entertainment during the evening. (221 km)

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