Orientation Tour

Half day trip

An introductory half day trip around Gambia’s capital city and surrounding areas to familiarise everyone with the main places to visit.

We start with a visit to the national musuem in Banjul showing the history of The Gambia tracing African Cultural and European colonialism. We then take a short drive through Banjul to “see the sights,” stopping to visit the general market with much hustle and bustle and where anything from live Chickens and Vegetables to Herbs and False Hair can be bought. (As with any crowded place, care must be taken with handbags cameras, etc). We also stop by the Main Mosque.

Then to Serre Kunda the most densely populated town in The Gambia, taking us to a display of “Tie Dye” skills and the beautiful Batik cottons, after which we head for Bakau where the first stop will be a local bar where a refresher can be taken at a moderate price, if needed.

This is only a short stop since we continue to the tourist market where a variety of souvenirs can be seen. We are soon away to katchically Crocodile Pool where we may be fortunate enough to see “Charlie” as featured in several British TV Programmes including “Wish You Were Here”. Lunch at a Beach Bar.

We return to the hotels around 15:30 hrs.

West African Tours We show you the very best that Gambia has to offer in adventure, cultural, bird watching, fishing, roots, sports fishing, four wheel drive, safari and day tours. We also offer Senegal, Ghana and Mali tours.

Enjoy Your Gambia Experience With Us!
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