Circle Of Life Tour

Take a journey to Senegal and drive through the wilderness of the Fathala Nature Reserve to spot a plethora of wild animals. 

After an early morning departure you will make your way to Senegal. On arrival you will be introduced to our Ranger as you are welcomed into the Fathala nature reserve, currently 2000 acres of a natural environment, which many species of African wildlife have now made home.

In our contained vehicle you are able to follow the animal tracks through the wilderness to spot some of the species that roam the area.

In just a day it is possible to spot a plethora of wild animals including Giraffes, Rhino, Mere Cats, Antelope, Pythons and Buffalo to name a few.

A great chance to take a memory of Africa home – don’t go without your cameras – this may be your only chance to take some amazing pictures!

During the day you will have chance to set up picnic in the wild where you will have a small lunch prepared. Drinks are on hand to buy during the day. You will learn the history of the area and the great plans they have for the future.

Go on, be a part of Africa that you will remember forever!

West African Tours We show you the very best that Gambia has to offer in adventure, cultural, bird watching, fishing, roots, sports fishing, four wheel drive, safari and day tours. We also offer Senegal, Ghana and Mali tours.

Enjoy Your Gambia Experience With Us!
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