Senegambia Explorer

Six Day Trip

This exciting 6 days gives us the opportunity to show you further into The Gambia and Senegal, with the possibility to see in a genuine African environment how the village people live from day to day, and gives you an insight into the history, beliefs, religion and culture of this region. Add to this the bird and animal life and you will have memories created that will be everlasting.

Day 1
An introductory half day trip around Gambia’s capital city and surrounding areas to familiarize everyone with the main places to visit and which may be returned to later if more time is needed for exploration. We start with a visit to the national museum in Banjul showing the history of The Gambia tracing African culture and European colonialism.

We then take a short drive through Banjul to “see the sights,” stopping to visit the general market with much hustle and bustle and where anything from live Chickens and Vegetables to Herbs and False Hair can be bought. (As with any crowded place, care must be taken with handbags cameras, etc). We then continue to the tourist market where a variety of souvenirs can be seen.

On the way out of Banjul we stop at the main mosque and a primary school. Then to Sere Kunda the most densely populated town in The Gambia, taking us to a display of “Tie Dye” skills and the beautiful Batik cottons, after which we head for Baku where the first stop will be a local bar where a refresher can be taken at a moderate price, if needed. We are soon away to katchically Crocodile Pool where we may be fortunate enough to see “Charlie” as featured in a recent British T.V. Programme. Lunch at a Beach Bar. (60 km)

Day 2
We start early and proceed directly by road to KWINELLA and TENDABA, passing through various villages on the way. After picnic lunch we take a traditional rivercraft of this Region from Tendaba to explore the Creek areas of the North Bank of the river. Wildlife and birds are all around, but as with all things of nature, you will need to be quick to spot them. We return in time for dinner and overnight with the possibility of some Traditional African entertainment provided by the happy smiling people from a nearby village (175 km)

Day 3
After an early breakfast we take a 4 WD Excursion around the eastern side of KIANG WEST NATIONAL PARK around the area of the hotel with the opportunity to see some of the colourful tropical birdlife for which this area is famous along with Monkeys, Baboons, Bush Pig and maybe some timid Antelope. After time for a quick drink at TENDABA CAMP we continue along the South Bank of the RIVER GAMBIA in the direction of SAPU, where we will take a 4 – 5 hours river trip from the edge of the BABOON ISLAND NATIONAL PARK AREA, heading east along the famous and majestic River Gambia towards JANJANGBUREH.

The boat will take us by various inlets and islands of this fabulous area of nature where most amazing birds including Kites, Rollers, Geese, Fish Eagles, Hornbills, Parrots, Kingfishers, Buzzards, etc can be seen along with Monkeys and Baboons. Often sightings of Crocodiles and Hippos are reported.

Very reasonably priced drinks are available from the bar and lunch is served on board during our cruise up river to our overnight stop at a Camp in the JANJANGBUREH area which is basic but comfortable and beautifully situated close to the river. Villagers from Janjangbureh Island often provide entertainment during dinner. (150 km)
Day 4
At breakfast we are joined on many occasions by monkeys, which always provide a very interesting and exciting start to the day. However care should be taken if you decide to feed them. NEVER use the hand.

We now head west using the laterite bush roads along the South and North Banks of the River Gambia, passing through several villages on the way, many of which do not see the passing of many tourists. Picnic lunch is taken en route. In the late afternoon we reach the Gambia/Senegal border and after the formalities, we continue into SENEGAL for the overnight stop at the basic but clean and comfortable air conditioned African Style Hotel of RELAIS DE KAOLACK situated in the capital of the region.

Dinner and Overnight is at the hotel with possibly some Senegalese Entertainment during the evening. (221 km)

Day 5
After Breakfast, we take the opportunity to make a visit around Kaolack using the age old means of transport of horse and cart. Following an early lunch we continue in a Westerly direction towards Sine Saloum National Park Area.

We arrive at another comfortable air conditioned Hotel on the edge of the Park with time for the fantastic 3 – 4 hours trip by boat to SIPO ISLAND to experience the everyday life of a fishing village. Once again wildlife and birds are all around, but you will need to be quick to spot them. There may even be the opportunity to see the elusive Manatee, that is reputed to inhabit these waters. Dinner and Overnight is at the Keur Saloum Hotel. (40 km).

Day 6
A relaxing morning by the swimming pool is followed by lunch at the hotel after which we continue south towards THE GAMBIA but after approximately 30 – 40 minutes we visit a Senegalese bush village and stop at an estimated 800 years old Baobab tree which is believed to have magical and healing powers. Then back across the border into The Gambia and the hustle and bustle of BARRA ferry terminal, where we take the afternoon ferry that will return us to our starting point 5 days previously in Banjul.

On board the ferry, we can see order arising out of apparent chaos and hopefully the opportunity to spot dolphins during the 30 minutes crossing to the capital of The Gambia – BANJUL on the South Bank of the river. Very often these intelligent mammals will swim alongside the vessel for some time. Once in BANJUL we soon clear the port area and continue to the Overnight Beach Hotel. (70 kms).

Hereafter Senegambia will always have a special place in your heart and an experience to be repeated.


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