Anna’s Massage Tips

A Good Head Massage Goes A Long Way
For those of you who spend a lot of time “in your head,” a good head massage works a variety of accu-pressure points and increases circulation to your head and brain. It is very relaxing and can take as little or as much time as you wish, but should take at least two to three minutes.
Close your eyes to diminish sensory input and start by resting the bases of your palms on your forehead with the fingers positioned on the scalp. Using a firm pressure—NOT sliding your palms or fingers—rotate your hands. This moves your whole scalp. Then with your right hand, using a circular motion of your fingertips, massage the right side of your scalp. Reposition your hands as necessary to cover the entire right side of your scalp front to back and from the midline of your scalp to your ears.

Remember, not to SLIDE your fingers but to use just enough pressure to move the top layer of your scalp. Now switch and work on the left side of your head. Next, using either your index or middle fingers on both hands, place them midline of your scalp and at the edge of your hairline. Working from front to back, using the same circular pressure as before, massage these pressure points, advancing a quarter of an inch at a time. Use as little or as much pressure as feels good to you. Stop when you reach the crown of your head. The finishing touch to this massage is to take small tufts of your hair and gently pull and release it, covering the whole head; then gently scratch your entire scalp. Practicing deep breathing while doing this massage adds greatly to the benefits of this massage technique. Now you’re ready to go back to work if you must, or go to sleep if it’s bedtime!
Happy Massage Anna

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