Gambia Real Estate Destination

The Gambia on the West Coast of Africa is set to be a great place to invest in real estate and has been staring investors in the face for some years.The Gambian government is totally committed to business development and free enterprise.

It has a reputation as a tranquil, secure destination with property conveyanceing and laws based on the British system., low inflation, fiscal stability and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It seems that Gambia is ripe for investors he Gambia.

A former British Colony Gambia remains one of the safest countries in Africa. Gambia has been a holiday hotspot for Europeans one of the reasons for this is the fact that Gambia is on average only 6 hours away and has the addded benfit of no jet lag.

Tourism is now one of the dynamic sectors of the economy, contributing 16% of the country’s GDP with a 19.2% jump in visitor figures from the previous year.

There are a number of new developments under construction along the coast and in the villages nearby. If you are looking for off-plan property, the opportunities right now are available, and at very low costs. There are also a number of inhabitable existing properties that can be had for a very small investment.

Some properties have been constructed and just need to be finished out, pending a sale. If you are looking for a good international investment, it’s hard to go wrong in Gambia.

Real estate investors know that good communications are te key to success for any region. After all those who may want to rent or buy your property need to ba able to get there easily. UK overseas property buyers are only a six-hour flight from the UK with no jet-lag,

The Gambia coast offers miles of superb golden beaches and the vibrancy of Bakau, Serrekunda and the capital, Banjul, is as colourfully African as you might imagine.

Gambian people are generally multi-lingual from an early as age five, Gambians speak about 2 to 3 languages an evidence of ethnic harmony.

Construction aimed at investors is underway at the ocean-side village of Brufut in Gambia this investment real estate comes in the form of a modern housing development.

Time for investment is now whilst Gambia is still not on the lips of every investor, emerging markets offer a one off opportunity to benefit from low prices that are set to rise as the interest and demand increases The Gambia could well be such a place .

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