Gambia Four Wheel Drive Adventures

4 WD: Is a great opportunity to see and experience the real Gambia, this excursion will take you off the beaten track, either in a 4×4 Safari truck or Land Rover following the coastline stopping at villages along the way where you will meet the villagers and visit a local school.

Pens and books are always welcome gifts to the schools, please give any donations to the head teacher Please do not bring sweets.

Next stop , the palm wine tappers, you can sample the freshly tapped wine and learn more about how it’s produced. Lunch is served on one of the most naturally beautiful beaches in the South of the country and there will be a chance to swim and sunbathe .

The first stop of the afternoon is Tanji Village museum. This is a unique chance to find out more about Gambian culture and tradition, the tour guides will be happy to show you around the mock village and explain about village life and how it is set up. On the tour you will be able to watch the weavers making hand woven cloth. In the gardens they have some wonderful unusual flora and fauna.

From the Museum we head for the Tanji fishing village, here you can see and smell the local fish smoking industry close by and a possible chance to see the fishermen bring their catches in. As we head back to the hotels we will make unscheduled stops to observe, monkeys, baboons and the many exotic and colourful birds on the way.

South Gambia Experience: Go beyond the routes of normal tourist excursions and visit the remote and isolated area of Southern Gambia combined with a cruise on the River which divides us from neighboring Senegal. As you drive through Savannah like hinterland, towards the border, you will experience an excellent view of our countryside.

On route you will visit the reptile farm where you can see many different species of snakes and lizards that reside in the Gambia, the next stop is at a local Art Gallery for drinks and snacks before proceeding to the peaceful Kartong beach where a traditional river craft is waiting to take you for a cruise around various inlets and islands of the Allahein River.

The scenery varies from mangroves to open mud flats where the banks are full of oyster. Monkeys and varied bird life can be spotted from this peaceful area.. Local fishermen can often be seen digging for mussels in the mud or collecting oysters from the mangroves. After about two hours cruising we will stop for lunch . On the return journey we will drive close to the beach before arriving at our various hotels.

Our members are involved in Gambian restaurants, tours, excursions, eco-tourism, car rentals, and shops within the vibrant Gambia Tourism Industry.
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