Gambia Cultural Extravaganza

Kanilai International Cultural Festival
Attracts thousands of people from Gambia and the Diaspora who all converge on the village of Kanilai in the Foni Kansala District of Western Region, which is the country home and birth place of President Jammeh.

This Cultural Festival is normally held in June Bi–annually has now become a household name where you can join in and enjoy the cultural shows and dancing for this 16 day festival.

Roots Home coming Festival
Is a historical, cultural and educational event which invites all people of African descent and all persons committed to the well being of Africans and the development of Africa, to come home to The Gambia and participate in the festival, normally held in June bi–annually to the opposite year of the Kanilai Festival!

If you are unable to attend either of the festivals but would like to experience some of the wonderful culture Gambia has to offer, two of the most spectacular places to be entertained are Makasuitu and Kim Kombo , each with their own unique display of cultural entertainment.

Offers their “NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA “ Watch the torch light precession float down the creeks where they will come ashore and entertain you with African dancing, fire eating and cultural entertainment enjoy a buffet dinner of African/European cuisine.

Kim Kombo: Offers a special “AFRICAN NIGHT“ twice weekly with original dance troops, included is a buffet dinner of African/European food AND as much of the local made liqueurs as you can drink.!

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