Gambian Restaurants

No holiday is complete without good food. One of the best kept secrets of The Gambia is the vast variety of restaurants! The Gambia is a melting pot of cultures and because of this you will find a wide selection of restaurants from many origins.

Most restaurants are family run establishments offering an authentic flavour to their individual cuisine.

Sample some typical Gambian dishes during your stay like:

Pepeh Soup

This is a tasty thick stew which is very easy to make. Very spicy and it’s commonly prepared with fish, cow leg or foot wit the bone into to the stock.

This is a typical mandinka dish made from groundnuts in most part of the Gambia. As the name implies, “Domo” means eating whilst Da means the stew pot. The uniqueness is that the flavor of this wonderful piquant dish comes from the main ingredient of concentrated peanut paste. Domoda can be prepared with meat, beef or fish with lot of vegetables. This is a source of high protein and with nutritious value in this Gambian local dish.

This is a popular Gambian dish, originated from the Wolof meaning cooking with one pot. As the name may suggest, just about anything can go in, this is Africa’s answer to a good risotto lady fish. Alternatively it can be made with beef.

It is made with chicken or fish, the delicious tangy flavor or fresh lemons or limes make Yassa sauce a huge favorite in this part of the world and definitely recommended as one to try.

Enjoy your Gambia Holidays!

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