Gambian Bird Watching Tours

Half day trip
We leave the Hotels before sun up in time to be at the waterside to meet the Dawn Chorus at Base Camp on MANDINA BOLONG. A welcoming Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will start the day as we set off in the West African River Craft/Dug Out Canoes to explore the narrow waterways through the mangroves around Kubuneh Island. Tropical birds are all around as we slowly and quietly make our way with the canoe’s exclusive birding guide showing us the wonders of up to 200 different species.

We spend approximately 3 hours probing this fantastic area before returning to land for Brunch at JOYEA LODGE around 10 -10:30.

We round off the morning with a leisurely stroll around neighbouring KUBUNEH investigating the different Bird Habitats around and about.

As the birds retire for their siesta we make our way back to the Hotels leaving this fabulous area of nature in peace until another day.

NB. Binoculars “Birds of The Gambia and Senegal” Birding Books are available on loan FOC with personal checklists being complimentary.


•Abyssinian Roller

•African Harrier-hawk

•African Palm Swift

•Black-headed Heron

•Black-shouldered Kite

•Common Wattle-eye

•Double-spurred Francolin

•Grey-headed Kingfisher

•Laughing Dove

•Little Bee-eater

•Long-crested Eagle

•Long-tailed Cormorant

•Namaqua Dove

•Malachite Kingfisher

•Orange-cheeked Waxbill


•Palm-nut Vulture

•Pied Kingfisher

•Red-billed Firefinch

•Red-billed Hornbill

•Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike

•Rufous-crowned Roller

•Senegal Coucal

•Senegal Thick-knee

•Short-toed Eagle

•Splendid Glossy Starling

•Spur-winged Plover

•Stone Partridge

•Tawny-flanked Prinia

•White-fronted Black Chat

•White-shouldered Black Tit

•Yellow-billed Shrike

•Yellow-fronted Canary

West African Tours We show you the very best that Gambia has to offer in adventure, cultural, bird watching, fishing, roots, sports fishing, four wheel drive, safari and day tours. We also offer Senegal, Ghana and Mali tours.

Enjoy Your Gambia Experience With Us!

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