Project Finance

Project finance already existed during the ancient days of Greece and Rome. The construction of the Panama Canal had the first records of using project financing in the area of infrastructure. It was with the development of the North Sea oil fields in the 70s and 80s where project finance was used in a high-risk infrastructure project.

In developing countries, project financing attained its maximum height around the time of Asian financial crisis. There is a continuing upward trend on the demand for project financing throughout the world. This is because there is also a growing number of countries that need more supplies of public utilities and infrastructure.

Project finance involves the financing of long-standing infrastructure and industrial projects backed by a well-established project plan and supported by debt and equity of usually two parties. Project finance is usually resorted to by companies who don’t have enough liquidity to generate internal capital for the project. The terms and conditions of the financing are made clear to both parties.

The continuing emergence of the need for public utilities will surely put project finance in the forefront of providing assistance not only in infrastructure but also in other fields.
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