Baobab Bonsai Seeds

Adansonia digitata or African Baobab makes a unique Bonsai. Very forgiving of the conditions in which it is kept. Reaches maturity slowly, but well worth the wait. It requires plenty of sun during the summer, but water only once or twice per week during the growing season and even less frequently during the winter months.

Seed requires heavy sanding or cracking and soak in warm water for 24-48 hours prior to planting Soil must be a constant 70 degrees for seed to germinate. Hardy to US zone 9, but can be grown indoors with great success during cold periods. Our seeds are always fresh, carefully packaged and include a care and instruction sheet.

  1. falilou
    December 30, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    ciao. sono partito del senegal il 18 dicembre, lasciando 28 gradi. quando sono arrivato in italia lo stesso giorno, ho trovato 4 gradi. ho visto che da quando sono arrivato, il baobab bonsai ,diventa sempre piu brutta,perche quasi tutti foglie stanno candendo.. e vero che non abbiamo il riscaldamento in casa.. non so come devo fare.
    vi ringrazio sperando di aver dei buoni consigli.
    A presto

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