African Project Development Facility

The Africa Project Development Facility (APDF) is a donor-funded facility established in 1986 by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.

SIMI is the local antenna office for APDF, and has teamed-up with them to provide project financing and capacity building to Gambian companies and public agencies.
APDF’s advisory work is organized into five business lines:
Finance Providing advisory services to government bodies, its investment clients, and other private and public sector enterprises to create a broader, deeper, and more inclusive financial system for the underserved in emerging economies.
Business Helping client countries improve their investment climate so that firms can grow and create jobs. We advise on the design and implementation of business-friendly reforms at the national and subnational level.
Enviromental & Social Sustainability Developing and testing innovative environmental and social business models in biodiversity, carbon finance, cleaner technologies, corporate social responsibility, sustainable energy and sustainable investing.
Infrastructure Advisory Advising national and municipal government on how to structure private sector participation in basic infrastructure projects.
Corporate Helping large companies include local small and medium enterprises in their supply chain; advising companies, countries and sectors on their corporate governance.
For further information on how SIMI help your project become a reality contact us
+220-497 856/951
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