Gambia Tourism Assoiciation Launches Blog

Gambia Tourism Assoiciation Launches Blog

Gambia Tourism Assoiciation Launches Tourist Blog
BANJUL – To help travelers make the most of their journeys The Gambia, the Tourism and Travel Assoiciation (TTAG) has introduced, a blog written exclusively by people who are passionate about exploring The Gambia and sharing their experiences.

“Only the savviest of tourists know the ins and outs of The Gambia,” said Julie Maio, board member of TTAG. “Our new blog lets travelers learn more about The Gambia from multiple insiders or add to the conversation by sharing their own experiences.”

“The Gambia Tourism blog has a unique and enticing feel, creating a relaxed space for travelers to chat about the places they love the most,” Maio said. “While we maintain the mechanics of the site, none of our bloggers are paid for their contributions to this online forum about Gambia’s top attractions and eco treasures.”

The Tourism and Travel association was formed in the mid-eighties their mission is to offer unique services and comfort to visitors coming to The Gambia.

TTAG provides travelers with the information and resources they need to plan and enjoy the activities, attractions and destinations that are uniquely The Gambia.

For more information about Gambia’s tourism industry, go to

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