Why Africa Matters

Africa is the earth’s second-largest continent; a vast expanse stretching some 5,000 miles (8,000 km) between its most northern and southern tips, and 4,500 miles (7,000 km) between its most eastern and western points.

With a population of approximately 1 billion, it is also the world’s second most populous continent, accounting for 15% of the global population. It encompasses numerous ethnic groups in 53 countries, speaking over 1,000 languages.

The continent also leads the world in strategic minerals (rare minerals absolutely vital for industry), possessing 80 % of the world’s platinum, 49% of its palladium, 55% of its chromium and 45% of its vanadium, among others.

Its fertile fields have the potential to feed not only itself, but also many other countries. Its forests have enough timber to build homes for much of the world. Moreover, Africa’s massive rain forests have the potential for maintaining or destroying the equilibrium of the earth’s atmosphere and ecology. For example, massive deforestation could deplete the world’s ozone layer and adversely affect Earth’s climates.

If the continent’s economic decline can be reversed, a prosperous, vibrant Africa, with its population of 1 billion, would become a huge market of consumers for products and services. A talented, educated populace would provide a skilled workforce, driving African economies capable of competing on the world stage, thus reducing—and possibly even eliminating—the need for aid.

Africa already contributes internationally in many fields of human endeavor—and its contributions would be even more significant if the potential of its peoples and lands were fully unlocked. All nations would benefit.

The future of the world is Africa

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