Exciteing Career in Hairdressing

Gambian society is increasingly becoming more image-conscious. People of all ages, genders and walks of life are working harder than ever to look their best. Men and women alike are using new methods, products and procedures to obtain clear and glowing skin, flawless hairstyles and innovative style. This is why cosmetology specialists are currently in high demand, in The Gambia.

If you love working creatively, see beauty as a form of art, enjoy spending time with others and hope to one day work in the beauty industry, you will benefit from the Gayenjoro Hair Plus Beauty School certification course.

Our hair and cosmetology training course educates students in the exhilarating cosmetology industry. Our graduates possess extensive knowledge about new, innovative products, methods, procedures and techniques. Our cosmetology training offer hands-on, real life methods that help students obtain a firm grasp on the different processes that are important in the cosmetic and beauty fields.

Gayenjoro Hair Plus Beauty School includes courses which cover a myriad of beauty-related topics. Our cosmetology courses train students in the areas of makeup application and face alterations, in which they are taught to study the various components and symmetry of the human face, its different features, and how certain characteristics can be manipulated with the application of cosmetics.
Graduates will also possess knowledge pertaining to the cutting, coloring, braiding and styling of hair, where they are given the opportunities to work with live models and real hair. Classes are taught by trainers with over 25 years combined experience within the industry and help students develop knowledge about different styles, color trends and hair cutting techniques.

In addition students also learn about manicure, pedicure,waxing,braiding and massage. We strive to prepare our students by covering business management, hygiene, retail sales and health and safety procedures.

School graduates can find employment opportunities at beauty salons, spas and other related businesses as:
Salon managers
Salon owners
Color specialists
Makeup artists
Massage Therapist
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