Zebra Protection

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. It does this through the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring areas in the value of wildlife. 

Grevy’s Zebra
We here at Zebra Internet Cafe are serious about helping top protect endangered animals.The Grevy’s Zebra is a  species critical global conservation is the . This handsome animal is confined to northern Kenya and parts of Ethiopia . Its numbers have greatly declined in unprotected areas, and it is now globally threatened with between 1,800- 2,300 remaining.

In 1977 there were 81 Grevy’s on Lewa. Today, when they are in a rapid decline elsewhere, Lewa’s population has reached 600. Today they number 425 on Lewa, as a result of increasing predation pressure . This figure represents 20% of the world’s population – one of only three groups under protection, and the only one managed privately.

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