Gambia Healthcare

The Gambia prides itself in its integrated health care system. Its philosophy is that its health care is available, accessible, and affordable.

The system is organized in three tiers.
The primary system is focused on disease prevention and includes the services of midwives and traditional birth attendants in each village and a community health nurse who serves a cluster of villages. These nurses are trained by the government and supplied with motorbike transportation to monitor their group of villages.

Secondary healthcare is provided by health clinics. These include small health clinics staffed by nurses specially trained for this station and larger health centers which are staffed by nurses and a general physician, when available. The larger centers will have an operating theatre and the ability to do simple surgeries.
The final tier of the system is the regional hospitals. There are five such hospitals in the country: Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, Farafenni Hospital, Bansang Hospital, the Jammeh for Peace Foundation Hospital, and Sulayman Junkung General Hospital.

Bakau: Ndebaan Medical Centre, Dr Jack Faal, tel 4496426
Kololi Clinic, Dr Ceesay, tel 4463434
Senegambia: Lamtorro Clinic, tel 4460934

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