Gambia Fishing


There are a range of fishing options available in The Gambia offering a good variety of fish to be caught!

Beach Casting
Fishing at Badakonbu on the beautiful and unspoilt Sanyang beach using shrimp and bonga strips as bait. A choice of equipment is available including fixed spool reels, multipliers or paternoster rigs.

Target Species: Guitarfish, Stingray, Butterfish, Ladyfish, Kujeli, Cassava

Creek Fishing
An enjoyable and relaxing day out, crusing through mangroves and stopping at several different places in order to catch as many of the 70 different species of tropical fish as possible!

Boat Specs: 18m African Pirogue with sunshade and WC
Tackle :Light spinning rods, fixed spool reels, 9kg line, 4/0 size hooks
Bait: Shrimp and fish strips

Sport Fishing
Seafish within a few miles of the coast and the mouth of the River Gambia using a variety of methods.

Boat Specs: 6m boat with 40hp Yamaha Enduro outboard equipped with all necessary safety equipment and radio
Tackle: 10-15kg trolling/casting rods, 15-25kg class stand up rods, Shimano and Penn reels, hook sizes to 5/0
Target Species: Barracuda, Tarpon (in season), Threadfin Salmon, Black Salmon, Stingray, Crevally Jack, Red Snapper, Grouper, Cassava, Ladyfish, Butterfish, Ladyfish, Kujeli, Cassava

All of West African Tours fishing excursions include collection and delivery from your hotel and the services of a knowledgeable fishing guide.

PLEASE BE AWARE that caution is required in the handlng of some of The Gambia’s fish – some species have powerful jaws and sharp teeth, whilst others have poisonous spines. The guides supplied are fully aware of how to handle these species

Please contact us with your ideas or to discuss your particular requirements.

West African Tours We show you the very best that Gambia has to offer in adventure, cultural, bird watching, fishing, roots, sports fishing, four wheel drive, safari and day tours. We also offer Senegal, Ghana and Mali tours.

Enjoy Your Gambia Experience With Us!
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