Gambia Beaches

Gambia boasts some of the most superb beaches on the west coast of Africa. Step out from any of the Hotels which are dotted along it’s coastline on to a vast expanse of golden sandy beach.

No need to suffer from over crowded beaches or look at tall buildings towering over you. All the Hotels in Gambia are built low level and blend into the background creating a peaceful ambiance.

Each Hotel has its own wonderful expanse of beach so you will never feel cramped or crowded. You can walk for miles as soon as you step outside of your hotel, but if you really want to get away from it all… Take a drive! explore and discover some of the most beautiful sandy beaches which stretch the full length of the Gambian coast line.

You don’t need to go far to find an idyllic spot away from the hassle and bustle of life. As you drive further from the Kombo areas where most of the Hotels are situated you will very soon come to small fishing villages such as Brufut and Tangi where life revolves around the daily catch.

The view from the red rock cliffs of Tanji are surreal. The unspoiled beaches at Sanyang and Gunjur stretch for miles dotted with the odd beach bar selling the catch of the day and a few drinks. The Gambia offers a unique serenity not found in many destinations this close to Europe.

Some recommended beaches;

Brufut – Unspoilt sandy beaches, very natural
and beautiful with small beach bars scattered along the coast.

Sanyang and Gunjur– Wide white sand beaches, Great beach bars, true African beach experience.

Cape Point – well kept beaches around the hotel area’s, some of the widest in The Gambia.

Kotu Beach – Ideal tourist beach, good for families as it is flat and sandy.

Kololi Beach– Sandy Beaches with Great beach facilities, bars and restaurants.

Enjoy your Gambia Holidays!

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