Gambia Tours

Gambia Tours is a family run enterprise, which started in 1983 in order to assist tour operators and helps provide a solid structure for the tourist industry in The Gambia.

Gambia Tours also participates in several social and cultural events all over the Gambia, e.g. the operation “Clean the Nation”, The “Roots Festival”, The “Banjul Demba Cultural Festival”… As a member of the TTAG (Tourism and Travel Association of the Gambia), Gambia Tours is involved in sustainable and responsible tourism, and schools sponsoring.

Today we have around 75 working professionals on board our team ready to assist and make your stay in The Gambia an enjoyable one. Good majorities of our staff speak French, German, Portuguese and English and of course the tour operators we provide support for, bring their own skills and support along with them.

We provide many services for both the local community and tourists traveling from all over the world. Among these is Hotel reservations, airport transfers, Flights to Europe and South America and a wide selection of excursions around the Gambia and Senegal, which allow you to enjoy the culture, food and the general atmosphere of this wonderful country.
We offer full Tour Operator services to all the operators that we handle, such as hotel reservations, airport meeting and greeting of clients, airport transfers, information meetings, excursions around the Gambia & Senegal, renting of vehicles and Cruise Ship excursions. We can also arrange tailor made excursions and day trips depending on what you want. All you have to do is contact us with what you are looking for and we can use our resources and contacts to give you the trip/ holiday you are looking for.

Over the years we have become and continue to represent Companies from the following countries:
The United Kingdom
Our mission statement and company objective is to offer 100% satisfaction to all our clients and to make sure that your stay in The Gambia and abroad is both enjoyable and worthwhile.

Gambia Tours Ltd The Gambia,West Africa.
(+220) 446 2601 / 2Fax: 446 2603

Enjoy your Gambia Holidays!

Our members are involved in Gambian restaurants, tours, excursions, eco-tourism, car rentals, and shops within the vibrant Gambia Tourism Industry.
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