Weblogs Are Good News for Africa

The key differences between a Weblog and a web site is that a Weblog’s main function is being a web log or online diary, this is where a Weblogger can generate a lot of interesting personal comment and intimate details and information about a particular niche subject or topic that they have chosen to cover.

Weblogs are quick and easy to setup.
Weblogs are a less expensive way of advertising your business to the online community.
Weblogs are classified as being increasingly important to any web based entrepreneur because it is where all the action is.
build traffic and sales

In actual fact traffic is generated in large quantities at Weblogs and then re-directed to web sites for the actual sales transaction to be consummated.

An analogy to help understand the difference: Think of your business website as a brochure. Think of a blog as the editorial section of a newspaper. The content within the website generally sits unchanged;static. The content on a business blog is (intended to be) everchanging and based on core categories or topics.

The website usestools like MLS searching and listing databases to entice visitors toreturn. The blog gains readers with compelling content, and frequent articles. The two can work together, such that the attraction of the Weblog allows it to be a ‘landing page’ for access to the lead generating tools of the website. By offering links to the website’s features from the blog, you can entice visitors to access those tools (MLS search for example).

And vice-versa, the website can improve its traffic frequency and value by offering a link to the blog, in turn exposing visitors to the compelling and frequently updated content onthe blog.

Search engines actually treat blogs differently. The website, which sits static, depends on SEO for its search engine success. The Weblog, also enhanced with proper SEO, really catches tread in the search engines simply through its frequently added content.

You will find that your Weblog starts to come up in the search engines, not strictly because of your keywords and metatags, but also because of the content you create in your articles.

Another dramatic difference between the blog and the website is the element of audience participation. Website content because it is static, locks out visitors from making participatory comment, positiveor negative.

Blogs on the other hand offer the element of participation by encouraging readers to post their comments, in turn enhancing the content and creating a multi-partied conversation.

The future of the world is Africa

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