Special Tours

Special Tours

West African Tours is proud of its ability to arrange memorable tours for special interest groups.

The rich diversity of culture within The Gambia combined with a rich history make it a great place to explore. There are many events and festivals to experience. Why not time your trip to coincide with some of these for a great experience?

Alternatively, you may have a yearning to discover your Roots, West African Tours has many years experience of preparing itineraries to facilitate this.

As well as the popular birdwatching holidays, West African Tours has access to local specialists and can cater for other specialist natural history groups such as botanists and entomologists.

Our experience has shown that the best approach is through amateur clubs, who are offered a normal holiday package with their families. They must be prepared to play at least 2 games during their stay and on the basis that the net gate money is split in equal amounts i.e. Gambian team, visiting team, administration, stadium, local charity, then the visiting team could expect to take a contribution towards the cost of their holiday.

Athletics meetings can operate along similar lines where individual clubs provide a team of athletes or, alternatively, teams are selected from the best athletes belonging to a variety of different clubs. We can also cater for yoga, volleyball,windsurfing, cycling ect.

Photography and Art
Colourful culture, approachable birdlife, smiling people and African light make The Gambia a fascinating place for photography. Whatever your preference, let West African Tours arrange an itinerary to give you the opportunity to get the photos you want.

As an alternative come and see how the light and colour of The Gambia can inspire the artist. As well as your own style West African Tours can arrange the opportunity for batik and tie-dye instruction amongst other styles.

Music and Dance
The cultural diversity of The Gambia has given rise to a wide range of music and dance styles. The nine ethnic groups (Mandinka, Fula, Wollof, Jola, Sarahule, Serere, Aku, Manjago and Bambara) each have their own styles. The sound of African drums is one to excite the senses, be they either the three drum set of the Bukarabou, used by the Jola or the small ‘talking drum’ the Tama. But this is not all. Local instruments such as the Balaphone, Kora, Riti and Halam provide unique sounds of their own.

The variety of dance is also a wonder, from the Lenjengo and Sewruba of the Mandinka people to the Ndaga of the Wollof and the Bukarabou of the Jola and the regional dependant Fula dances. West African Tours can arrange tours to experience these, and maybe even join in and learn a move or two!

Student Groups
To achieve the best results we recommend a maximum group size of 36 students plus 4 teachers for supervision. The students are ideally in the age range of 13-18 years. We can offer:

•Excursions arranged exclusively for the students.

•Debates with students from the various Gambian High Schools.

•Sport competitions both within the visiting group on a sub group basis and with groups made up from the various Gambian High Schools.

At least one day and night is usually spent at the homes of Gambian students to give some African home life involvement. To achieve the best result, this should be timed for May-November. This gives the advantage of both aircraft seat and hotel bed availability.

Face to Face Groups
These groups are made up from people with common interests or professions, i.e. Doctors, Policemen, Firemen, Airline Staff, Customs Officers, Immigration Officials, Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides etc., etc. the list can be endless. The programme can be arranged so that the groups have as much face to face contact as they want, depending upon their specific requirements.

West African Tours can make provision for travellers with disability and can advise on the possibilities and challenges facing disabled visitors. Individuals with sight or hearing disabilities can be assisted by local specialists on any of our round trips and excursions. Please enquire for further details.

West African Tours We show you the very best that Gambia has to offer in adventure, cultural, bird watching, fishing, roots, sports fishing, four wheel drive, safari and day tours. We also offer Senegal, Ghana and Mali tours.

Enjoy Your Gambia Experience With Us!
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