Twitcher’s Delight

One day trip

Since the early twitcher catches the birds we make a predawn start to catch the Dawn Chorus at CAMALOU (or Sting) CORNER. Here we have a view over open marshy ground with rice paddies, mangroves and mudflats. Usually we can see Black, Black-headed and Squacco Herons and Spur-winged Plover amongst many other varieties.

After some time in this territory we continue to BUND ROAD which is considered to be a classic Bird walk. The bund and pumping station were built as part of a drainage scheme to minimise the risk of flooding in Banjul during the rains. The varied environment and the extra nourishment provided by the sewage water in the drains contribute to the rich bird life. A good stop would be made at the pumping station. At low tide we watch herons and waders. Reef Herons, Long-tailed Cormorant and Cattle Egrets often perched in the mangroves.

There will be terns and perhaps a glimpse of a Malachite Kingfisher. A lot of small birds come to drink, many of them species that are common in pet shops back home. Bronze Mannikin, Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu, African Silverbill and Lavender Waxbill amongst others. With luck even the non expert can see close to a hundred different species on one good morning.

We leave this enriching part of Gambia’s hinterland and as the morning bird activity wanes we make our way back to the hotels in time for lunch. This itinerary could operate in the afternoon dependent on the tide situation.

NB. Binoculars “Birds of The Gambia and Senegal” Birding Books are available on loan FOC with personal checklists being complimentary.


•African Harrier-hawk

•African Jacana

•African Palm Swift

•African Silverbill

•Black Crake

•Black Heron

•Black Kite

•Black-headed Heron

•Black-headed Plover

•Black-shouldered Kite

•Black-winged Stilt

•Bronze Mannikin

•Caspian Tern

•Cattle Egret

•Goliath Heron

•Grey Kestrel

•Grey-headed Bush-shrike


•Lavender Waxbill

•Little Bee-eater

•Long-tailed Cormorant

•Malachite Kingfisher


•Pied Kingfisher

•Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

•Sacred Ibis


•Slender-billed Gull

•Spur-winged Plover

•Wattled Plover

•Western Reef-heron

•White-faced Whistling Duck

•Wire-tailed Swallow

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