Gambia River Excursions

Gambia River Excursions started as a ground operator specialised in boat excursions on the river Gambia, but today it is involved in a vast range of activities. Perhaps the most known branch of Gambia River Excursions is Lamin Lodge, the bar/restaurant on stilts in the midst of the mangroves of the river Gambia.

Independent travellers might prefer to take Lamin Lodge as both their point of departure and of arrival. Alternatively they may decide to join one of the scheduled trips leaving from Denton Bridge.

One of our most popular trips is the Birds and Breakfast excursion, which is scheduled on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays. After a quick coffee in Lamin Lodge, you will enter a dugout canoe who will take you through the vast labyrinth of creeks that surround the village of Lamin, where more then 70 different species of water birds have been recorded. Two hours later you will return to Lamin Lodge where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. After breakfast you will continue your search for morning birds in the gardens of the neighbouring village of Abuko.

Another favourite is the Sunset Cruise, leaving from Denton Bridge every tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday at 4.30 p.m. After a welcome drink on board you will cruise for 1.5 hours through the mangroves of the River Gambia. A small band playing traditional kora music makes the magic of an African sunset complete. Upon arrival in Lamin Lodge you’ll be standed a tasty buffet of both African and European specialities. The evening will be completed by the performance of Mandinka dancers and drummers who will invite you to share their cultural heritage with them.

Other scheduled trips are:

1. A day out fishing – with your catch being grilled on the boat or on your return in Lamin Lodge

2. An afternoon on the river – with a lunch buffet on board and a swimming stop in nomansland.

3. Northbank Explorer: a day out on the North bank of the river Gambia, searching for dolphins and unspoiled wildlife on the uninhabited Dog Island. For the guests of Janjangbureh Camp, we also offer a range of 1-day boat excursions to Kuntaur, Baboon Island and Sapu.

Multiple Day Excursions
Due to the long duration of the trips, multiple day excursions are always more or less tailor made. Some people prefer the tranquility of the river, whilst others want to know more about village life. You just tell your captain what aspect of river-life interests you most and he will make sure that you enjoy your trip to a maximum extent.

Most tour groups end their trip in Janjang Bureh Camp, but individual travellers may prefer to start from Janjang Bureh Camp, whereby they finish their trip in another River Camp or a village that has public transport back to the capital. At Janjang Bureh the camp manager can organise a vehicle that brings you back to your hotel or you may decide to take public transport.

We offer 2 scheduled multiple day excursions:

1. Pakali Ba – Janjang Bureh (2 days): This relatively short trip comprises most highlights of the River Gambia. You will encounter the hippo’s of Elephant Island, the monkey’s of Baboon Island, see the old Colonial Trade Houses of Kuntaur and visit the Stone Circles of Wassu. You will spend 1 night on the boat and enjoy all your meals on board. The trip ends with a dinner buffet at Janjang Bureh Camp. Due to the remote location of Pakali Ba, this trip can only be booked by travel organisations and larger groups.

2. Tendaba Camp – Janjang Bureh (3 days): Basically the same trip, with an additional day and night on the boat. The trip starts early in the morning in Tendaba with a breakfast buffet on board. The tempo of this excursion is a bit slower as the Pakali Ba-trip and a side trip in one of the creeks is included.

This trip will be leaving from Tendaba every first sathurday of the month. Individual travellers pay 160 euros or 5200 dalasis for the entire trip, including all meals on board and dinner on arrival in Janjangbureh Camp.

One week Cruise Gambia River Excursions’ also offers tourists the chance to join on a one week cruise with the French-owned Orion X. The Orion X is a 20 meter long sailing ship with 4 confortable double cabins that is harboured at Lamin Lodge, near Banjul International Airport.

The Gambia is a small country and on your 6-day sailing trip you will experience most of what the country has to offer, ranging from busy village markets to unspoiled wildlife. You will end your cruise with a day in Janjang Bureh Camp before heading back to the country’s capital.The price for this cruise depends of the number of passengers, with a minimum of 385 euro per person. This price includes all meals, all transfers and most of the excursions made. There is also a well stocked bar on board.
The exact departure dates for this cruise depend on the bookings and can be asked through us ( or directly by mailing the captain at

Tailor Made Excursions range from a small alteration of a scheduled excursion, to the composition of your very own dreamtrip. A candlelight dinner in a deserted branch of the river Gambia, breakfast amidst the dolphins or a day out with the oysterpickers of Lamin Village.

Prices are calculated in dalasis and range from 225 dalasis/hour (1 euro is 35 dalasis, 1 pound is 40 dalasis) for a dug out canoe with rower to 600 dalasis/hour for a small engine boat.The big boats cost 1200 dalasis/hour and 5500 dalasis for the full day, regardless of the number of people on board.
Prices of the excursions range from 650 dalasis p.p. for the Birds and Breakfast excursion, to 850 dalasis p.p. for the Sunset Cruise, respectively including a breakfast- or dinnerbuffet at Lamin Lodge.

For the multiple day excursions prices depend on the number of participants.
Call us +220- 4497603/7784058/ 8901125
Or visit our office in Bakau, Newtown – next to ASSET

Enjoy your Gambia Holidays!

Our members are involved in Gambian restaurants, tours, excursions, eco-tourism, car rentals, and shops within the vibrant Gambia Tourism Industry.
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